Theology or Theory, Comparison between them

Did Satan make the material world or did God. Is the beginning of the universe unoriginal possibility, or is there no starting point by any means. Is there an altruistic Maker, or maybe an underhanded driving force, or both. Or then again are questions like these superfluous, or even negligible. They may sound abnormal maybe, yet the alleged Gnostics from gnosis, Greek for ‘information’ in the early periods of The Christian world truly accepted that Satan was the Maker of the material world. They had reached this resolution through an old kind of dualism confidence in two equivalent extreme standards for example mind/matter, great/evil.Jonathan VanAntwerpen

I’m completely persuaded that no one but theology can help us here. Theology from Theos, Greek for Jonathan VanAntwerpen, ‘information’ is the order that is busy with the investigation of God’s tendency. In the broadest sense it incorporates the entirety of disclosure and creation.

It isn’t only a movement of the objective brain. In its root it is a demonstration of the heart. The heart is straightforwardly associated in a strict manner to one or the other God or a symbol that has His spot. So in skepticism faith in no God by any means the material is adored, in deism God-does not mind conviction the objective psyche, in otherworldliness conviction that emotions should be blessed the spirit, in polytheism confidence in numerous divine beings the soul, and in satanism Satan is venerated as God. Realism for the most part is pretty much rationalist and is arranged among deism and secularism. Polytheism sees the heavenly in all things especially in your own self and is arranged among otherworldliness and polytheism.

The facts demonstrate that for the sake of otherworldly truth, or pseudo truth, the best sins have been submitted. It is on the grounds that the soul gives extreme significance to life, and we as a whole sense that naturally. Along these lines the socialists have forfeited huge number of lives on the raised area of their enemy of religion. So have the Moslems, supposed Christians, and others. Religion is without a moment’s delay the best difficult situation and the most fruitful wellspring of gift on the planet. It is on the grounds that the heart is the thing that we live for and by. Allow no one to figure one can manage without a strict position. Everyone lives by a specific conviction. One just should take a position. Our hearts fuss for it. Regardless of whether one says that one is uncertain, by and by such an individual is compelled to settle on a specific decision. Homo religious est. Man is strict naturally.

In old Greek reasoning theology is a piece of theory. In the academic medieval times, it is basically the opposite way around. The previous is human-centric, the last theocentric. Since God is the everlasting Maker, to be adulated always, it ought to be evident that He ought to without a doubt be the genuine focus of every one of our considerations, words and deeds. In this manner theology, the information on God, is the main investigation there is. It isn’t to no end that in the medieval times theology was called Regina Scientia rum, the sovereign of technical disciplines. For it is theology that should settle on an official conclusion concerning what is eventually reality. Science alone, for example, can’t clarify whether the world was made by God, Satan, skeptical advancement, a pantheistic god, or the divine beings. Individuals have stood firm on every one of these situations.